Pathfinder- War of the Gods

War of the Gods part 4

January 21st, 2015
Jacob’s Basement

travel hallways west, room’s west wall is covered in carved demon masks, south wall has Orcish writing
“Upon the solstice in the year of brass in the kingdom of scrolls the white citadel shall be restored”
door north
room is lined with more masks, faint scent of smoke
door south
Room smells of rotting flesh, door to east has black and purple aura
door south
Room to north is sealed by a magical barrier, banishes companions and destroys ammunition.
begin prayer

War of the Gods part 3

January 14th, 2015
Jacob’s Basement

Session Begin

After 2 days of work, the party recieves the ghost touch enchantment on their primary weapons.
We are sent out to a vault where the necromancer conducted all of her old experiments, we are warned that many of the doors are trapped.
Vault is located 3 miles north of the city, and the entrance is hidden underground

We decend into the labrinthian vault
turn south
Encounter teleportation crystal trap
successfully disarmed
Hallway splits, east open arch, west closed iron gate with chain
turn east
Room is open and well lit, its a forge filled with old rusty weapons.The forge fire is still lit, and been burning for a few days.
Door to closet filled with unrefined raw materials. (useful later)
leave room, head west, open gate
Room is filled with 12 human zombies
victory, travel north
Door to north is trapped, guillotine blade
Follow hallway to another door, door leads to room full of broken furniture
archway to west
Room contains a dread wraith
Door to southeast.
Follow hallway to next room, room contains ten broken shields and a message written in blood on the wall “Abandon all hope”
Door on west wall, stone, locked
Room contains dried blood
Door to East, follow hallway, door to west
Room containing 4 Wights
Wights Defeated, door south

Session End

xp per player- 3410
gp per player-

War of the Gods part 2

January 7th, 2015
Jacob’s Basement

Session Begin

The Next Morning

After a particularly heavy breakfast, a man in ornate clothing approaches us and inquires if we are the people he was sent to pick up
Welkin scares the man shitless after he mistakenly calls him a ‘conjurer’

There are four carriages escorted by 20 guards, and the trip will take approximately two days.

After around a days travel (7pm) we stop at a small town called “Rimmel” it’s a mere pit-stop compared to any other city
Another Caravan occupies the corral where the horses are kept.

The conjurer causes a ruckus in town with his monstrous worm, and the inn charges 10 gold per night (da fuq?!?)

A late night meal leads to us staying for free

The Morning after

We arrive in the city of Jeremai without any problems. or other travelers. or any wildlife.
Arrive at 5pm,

City walls are 100 meters high, city size is aprox. population of Los Angeles
Higher in city you go, higher class of citizens
castle at center of the city, with legendary “Sky Garden” above.

Guards inform us we are to meet with the King inside.
When we get inside, we find the king alone with no guards to protect him
Turns out his guard is a Kajiit who is a ninja? Her name is “Noma”

Hidden stairs beneath the round table, and organization who works outside the law to help maintain the kingdoms peace, so the king can keep a noble image.
Stairs lead to a hidden dungeon containing negative energy.

Door is opened by a Gurada. His name is “Bailen”

Inside the room is a Necromancer
Half of party pops boners. “Damn, those are some fantastic titties”

Room is like evil round table, with Devourers standing in the corners.

We have been organized into THE BLACK THORN along with the Necromancer Dialon and the Guruda Bailen
“All of you have been proven worthy to serve” ~King
“Doesn’t take much to be worthy” ~Ophelia

‘The Black Thorn’ organizations, first mission:
Lost control of 3 Dread Wraiths
create wraith spawn
ghost touch weapons needed

xp per player- 250
gp per player-

War of the Gods part 1

December 31st, 2014
Jacob’s Basement


“Whether through birth or circumstance of travel, you find yourself on the outskirts of the kingdom of Drake, ruled by the illustrious King Drake the Third.”

Late afternoon, Soul Tower, Thirty miles to east of Jeremai.

Soul tower is famous for being full city in a single tower; roughly 100 feet in diameter and three stories high, below ground are another five floors.
The city is built around the structure of a spiral staircase, with one entrance at the ground level and several smaller escape routes underground.

You sit inside a tavern, enjoying your evening meal, when a sudden bloodcurdling scream from the outside catches your attention.
The townsfolk’s reaction is a mixed-bag. Some ignore the scream completely, while others scream their own in surprise.

As you exit the tavern overlooking the entrance, you witness a pair of Basilisks coming down the stairs toward you at a run, one of them is bearing a rider cloaked in black.


The rider leaps from his mount, and takes a shot from Ophelia in the shoulder, no response from target. after being attacked by James the target doesn’t bleed or appear to feel pain. The cloaked man was a flesh construct, destroyed by a pillar of flame sent from an unknown spell caster.

Welkin, Konrad, and Isabella continue to attack the basilisks and slowly whittle them down.
Guard stole the Isabella’s kill. (that bastard!)

Investigation of scream source reveals a weapon shop covered floor to ceiling in human blood and bits, random civilian turned to stone.
Search reveals at least 4 dead.
After releasing the citizen from his stone prison, he explains that he witnessed the basilisks in the store, but was petrified soon after.

After character introductions have been made, group is approached by a guard captain who demands to hear all the player’s experience in the encounter earlier.
Once the guard captain has left, we are approached by a man in a hooded cloak claiming to be the king, he offers us a job working for the kingdom. Allegedly the flesh golem was his?
He leaves us an envelope containing a passport and tells us of carriages that will arrive in the morning.


xp earned- 3450 per player

treasure found- 35gp each; one passport per person


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