Pathfinder- War of the Gods

War of the Gods part 3

January 14th, 2015
Jacob’s Basement

Session Begin

After 2 days of work, the party recieves the ghost touch enchantment on their primary weapons.
We are sent out to a vault where the necromancer conducted all of her old experiments, we are warned that many of the doors are trapped.
Vault is located 3 miles north of the city, and the entrance is hidden underground

We decend into the labrinthian vault
turn south
Encounter teleportation crystal trap
successfully disarmed
Hallway splits, east open arch, west closed iron gate with chain
turn east
Room is open and well lit, its a forge filled with old rusty weapons.The forge fire is still lit, and been burning for a few days.
Door to closet filled with unrefined raw materials. (useful later)
leave room, head west, open gate
Room is filled with 12 human zombies
victory, travel north
Door to north is trapped, guillotine blade
Follow hallway to another door, door leads to room full of broken furniture
archway to west
Room contains a dread wraith
Door to southeast.
Follow hallway to next room, room contains ten broken shields and a message written in blood on the wall “Abandon all hope”
Door on west wall, stone, locked
Room contains dried blood
Door to East, follow hallway, door to west
Room containing 4 Wights
Wights Defeated, door south

Session End

xp per player- 3410
gp per player-


jacobdjango19 Weshaase

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